Tsunami Pre-Stack Time Migrations

The Tsunami package consists of a full 2D or 3D pre-stack or post-stack migration using the Kirchhoff method. The migration is fully distributed and multi-threaded.

The user has control of the migration though spatially varying and time varying apertures. The user can also select the travel time method using either straight ray or curved ray options. The curved ray option allows either the Eikonal or 6th order NMO solution. Using the curved ray will increase the imaging of faults and steep structures. Accurate time images are obtained by calculating the curved ray paths using the higher order NMO equation, or the Eikonal equation between the source/receiver location and the image point.

The primary benefits of “Tsunami Imaging” full Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration over other methods include:

  • Spatial and time varying apertures
  • Adjustable anti-alias filter
  • Spatial & temporal resample
  • Rigorous quality controls at every step
  • Applies weights to compensate for irregular acquisition geometry
  • Curved ray and turning wave option
  • Optionally balance the number of traces in each offset bin
  • Ability to image from a floating datum/topography