Tricon is a geophysical services company founded in 1994, as the brainchild of three prominent geophysicists in Denver, Colorado. Dissatisfied with the imaging capabilities of the status quo, for the complex structural Rockies market, this team saw the opportunity for a boutique shop to be created that specialized in detailed refraction statics and velocities that could solve those detailed problems.

Although Tricon is now a large independent seismic imaging and reservoir services company, two of the original owners, Alan Guzowski and John Contino, still try to give our clients the look and feel of that original boutique shop, with warm personalized service and passion for detailed work. John and Alan have hand picked leading edge senior processors to make the experience at Tricon not only about the high-end software, but about the people that do your work.

Today, Tricon still has its corporate headquarters in Denver, but now has additional offices in Houston, Caracas and Bogota. We have an excellent staff of geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir geoscientists who rely upon a comprehensive background of education and experience in land and marine environments to deliver high-quality, on-time results to our customers.

We specialize in high-fidelity time and depth-migrated images and controlled amplitude, controlled phase gathers suitable for post-processing analysis. Most of our time and/or depth projects are further processed by our reservoir services personnel to create structural, stratigraphic, and petrophysical models. Such models may include rock properties, AVO attributes, inversions, fluid and facies indicators, pore-pressure and fracture gradients.

We value the close collaboration we share with our customers and a large percentage of our projects come from repeat customers. Many years of experience in different geologic regimes, a thorough understanding of how to use our technological tools to solve given problems, attention to detail, and a willingness to stick with it until the problem is solved have endeared Tricon to these companies.