Industry-leading software solutions and the hardware to run them

Tricon uses industry-leading software for seismic processing, imaging and interpretation. Our primary processing software provider is Paradigm®, the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Their platform offers technology and workflows that deliver deeper insights into the subsurface through integrated solutions and team collaboration.

Tricon also develops or combines other leading-edge software packages to intermingle with the Paradigm® suite of products. In this manner, Tricon is able to provide its clients with the highest end solutions without compromise.

The Tsunami® is one of our core high-end providers whose imaging suite includes fast, efficient products for prestack time and depth migration, reverse-time migration and tomography.

Techco® writes specialized seismic processing applications, with an emphasis on land data, and the detection and correction of near surface corrections for land data processing.

The Fusion® Seismic Studio™ tool kit permits full geometry correction, refractor analysis, refraction statics analysis, reflection statics analysis, refraction tomography and node-based turning-ray tomostatics.

And FLATIRONS™ software has become recognized as a leading solution for front-end seismic data processing. Please see the complete list of our “software”[Capabilities: Software].


For the software to perform at its best, Tricon uses only the latest and most advanced hardware technologies and platforms capable of handling the smallest to the largest seismic programs. This allows us to provide our clients with some of the best project turnaround times in the industry, without jeopardizing the highest quality seismic imaging possible. Our equipment lists are very specific to each of our individual offices and can be outlined in detail with one of our sales managers if so desired.