Since 1994 Tricon Geophysics, Inc. has provided high quality 2D and 3D geophysical seismic imaging services for on-shore land and offshore marine environments. Tricon has experience in many areas including the Gulf Coast, West Texas, Rocky Mountains, Mid-Continent, California, Alaska, Appalachian, Illinois and Michigan Basins. Tricon also processes data sets internationally in Central and Eastern Europe as well as South America.


  • 2D and 3D seismic imaging
  • Advanced 2D and 3D seismic imaging services start with a variety of the latest signal enhancements/noise attenuation routines and include: coherency, curvature, specular decomposition, pre-stack time migration (PSTM), pre-stack tomographic depth migration (PSDM), reverse time migration (RTM), common reflection angle migration (CRAM) and amplitude verse offset (AVO)
  • Integrated reservoir characterization services include: offset vector tiling, full azimuthal fracture intensity and orientation analysis, simultaneous inversion, pore pressure analysis, brittleness calculations and multi-attribute analysis
  • Petrophysical well log analysis with multi-mineral analysis
  • High Frequency Processing
  • High tech 3D survey merging, ideal for mixed vintage data with varying parameters
  • 5D trace interpolation to Increase and regularize your fold to enhance fidelity

Corporate Leadership

Corporate Headquarters, Denver, Colorado:

Alan Guzowski, President/CEO
John Contino, Executive Vice President
Dave Purcell, Vice President of Business Development, Rocky Mountain Region and Europe
Tom Makris, Center Manager

Service Center, Houston, Texas:

Dave Williams, Vice President, Business Development
James Sobczak, Center Manager
Renzo Cividin, Tricon Manager of Reservoir Services
Mark Carrigan, Director, New Business Development