Depth imaging solutions based on technology, experience and know-how

Tricon uses the latest depth imaging technology to complement and enhance our time processing capabilities. Our toolbox includes Tsunami® and Paradigm® solutions. Our 3D Kirchhoff depth migration, the industry standard pre-stack migration algorithm, is an economical yet powerful choice used for accurate imaging for all general depth issues from moderate structure to complex stratigraphy.

We use CRAM (Common Reflection Angle Migration) to aid in imaging very complex structural regimes on shore and off. We often use the CRAM algorithm in conjunction with the very exciting new Earth Study 360® technology.

RTM (Reverse Time Migration) is a depth product that is ideally suited for sub-salt plays where defining those delicate stratigraphic units truncated by salt movement is key. In all instances we use tomographic analysis to refine and update our velocity models.

Our technologies, algorithms and workflows, combined with years of experience, yield the insights you need to make better informed decisions.