Helping you minimize your drilling risk

Tricon’s Integrated Reservoir Services offer unique workflows and solutions to transform your seismic data volumes into estimates of reservoir rock and fluid properties.

By integrating detailed petrophysical and pre-stack data analysis, we can infer quantifiable estimates of in-situ stresses, pore pressures, lithologies, and pore fluid type.

Combining our data imaging and Integrated Reservoir Services provides you with maximum value from your seismic data, minimizing your drilling risk.

Reservoir Services

  • Pre-Stack Constrained Stratigraphic Inversion
  • Anisotropy/Fracture Characterization
  • Pore Pressure Estimation
  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • Coherency & Curvature
  • AVO/Inversion
  • OVT
  • Earth Study 360©