Noise Attenuation

We have an industry standard suite of noise attenuation routines available in FocusĀ©, which we test and apply as needed. Shot Noise Attenuation is done by estimating the coherent components of the seismic data that are aligned linearly over a spatial gate of traces, and which have a total dip within a user specified range. The resultant estimated coherent traces are then added back with the original data for a blended output. We can also use an FX-Deconvolution routine instead of estimating coherent traces and blend these outputs together. We also have a routine that will window linear noise within a certain frequency range then reverse the polarity and add this back to the original record to remove source generated noise.

shot noise 1.png Shot Noise 2.png

Example: Shot Noise removal

Additionally, through testing we determine in which domain a particular noise problem is best isolated, model the noise, and subtract it from the input data.


Example OVT noise showing the effect of the noise attenuation program in the Cross-Spread Domain.