Analysis of data using Amplitude Variations with Offset (AVO) has long been shown to give seismic volumes additional information by analyzing the effect of converted waves on the data sets. Used as a key tool of the reservoir geophysicist, rock types and the presence of impurities, water, oil or gas can be implied and exploited if run and analyzed properly.

Tricon uses careful flow such as listed below as the basis of the analysis:

  • PSTM gathers
  • Noise Attenuation
  • Radon Multiple Removal
  • Gapped & FX Decon
  • Offset Amplitude Equalization
  • Median Filtering
  • High Density velocity analysis
  • High Density Residual NMO Honoring Class II
  • Up to 4th Order for J-Azimuth Range
  • Well Calibration phase correcting background and target amplitudes
  • AVO attribute calculations
  • Well-log analysis by elastic rock property cross-plotting
  • Interpret sweet spots