Reverse Time Migration (RTM) belongs to the class of two-wave full wave depth migration solutions. Rather than performing imaging by extrapolating the data in depth, as in traditional one-way full wave solutions, the method solves the wave equation forward in time for the source modeling field and backward in time for the recorded receiver field for that shot. At each time step, the depth image is obtained by cross-correlating the two fields. Reverse time migration has been demonstrated to achieve a significant level of multiple energy attenuation by nature of its two-way extrapolation backward in time.

Reverse Time Migration application is an affordable and viable commercial solution for large and small companies alike. It allows for smaller processing centers to run the same complex software applications that larger centers are capable of. Our application handles steep dips, removes noise above the salt, is VTI and TTI capable, and provides accurate illumination compensation imaging from a flat or floating datum.